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    Prateek Kakkar

    Consumer welfare has never been priority where being honest with customers is seen as the market strategy. Call it a psychology or the monopoly, the customers will still eat the rotten apple labeled under Fresh Quality.

    I really enjoy reading your articles, keep up the good work man.

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      Aman Vashisth

      After all Consumer is the king of the market place. He will always be one of the main constraints for these entities. The aim of existing competition law is to promote consumer welfare and sustain competition in the market place. Its just that one needs to be aware of market strategies and yes most importantly the enforcement part is to be dealt with changing landscape of the market place. That is how consumer can be saved from rising market atrocities.

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    Harsh Agrawal

    Good article regarding the predatory pricing and how competition law regulates the same. The consumer welfare point is also well dealt.
    Keep writing.

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      Aman Vashisth

      Thanks for your appreciation. Afterall, the main aim is to make more and more people aware of this issue. Consumer welfare doesn’t just lie in judicial remedy but in gaining knowledge and understanding the psychology of marketplace.


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