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    Thank you. This article was very helpful.

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    Anonymous User

    This odr thing sounds really nice in writing…but in effect it will be nothing less than a Arnab Goswami debate !! I mean ofcourse there will be 2 members from each side or more. And including the mediator takes the combined toll to a minimum of 5.And what about the documents?! In the mediation process the parties will need to present documented evidence,loan agreements, property documents etc to each other and the mediator. How do you plan to facilitate that ? If you say that you will incorporate a document sharing feature..then it’s going to be a mess. Moreover in a mediation process the mediator sometimes ask parties to hug, shake hands etc before starting the process to study their respective body-languages and instill a emotional conncetion in order to improve the likeliness to resolve the matter .
    Therefore the conclusion…ODR is impractical.

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      M Tanvi

      Indeed ODR has its flaws, as mentioned in the article. However, it isn’t impractical. A website named http://www.smartsettle.com is a very popular e-negotiation and e-mediation website which uses artificial intelligence to assist in the dispute resolution mechanism. It uses technologies such as e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging etc. to collect information and communicate with the parties. With the rise in technological awareness it is only a matter of time that ODR becomes a popular dispute resolution technique in India.


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