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    Abhishek Tanwar

    Problem is that when someone try to bring an end to any wrong doings …. many of the educated ( degree holder ) people try to teach that person that what you are doing is not legal or is unconstitutional.
    And when BCCI was engaged in the corruption activities no one has come forward and stand against those acts done by BCCI,
    at that time all their intelligence are gone.
    Mr. Katju never said anything when BCCI was conducting all the illegal activities, and now he’s all in favour of them and teaching others the constitutional ways.
    Even if the Lodha panel’s recommendations are unconstitutional but are effective and much needed for the betterment of Cricket and for bringing an end to corruption, than it should be all acceptable.

    Even Krishna violated many rules of Mahabharata war so that the good will win over the devils.

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    Annuk. R


    Thanks for your comment Abhishek.

    Completely agree to your point of view on cleansing BCCI and also share your anguish on the same. Without disputing the fact that BCCI needs an overhaul at different levels. Supreme Court has indeed done a wonderful Job in appointing a committee to look into this issue and the report submitted by Justice Lodha Committee is of futuristic and remedial in nature. Which I have talked about in my earlier article, URL: http://www.letscomply.com/knowledge-hub/2016/03/an-analysis-of-justice-lodha-committee-report-on-reforms-in-cricket/. Since now half the job is done i.e. to identify the issue and possible remedies. In my opinion, the Supreme Court should not have transgressed into realm of Legislation, but rather should have dealt with this within the Constitutional mandate. However good your intentions might be but in a democracy the judiciary cannot assume the responsibility of Law making. Constitution being the Supreme law, every functionary of Democracy has to respect that and work within its framework.


    Annuk. R

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    Abhishek Tanwar

    I respect the constitution of India , but it doesn’t mean that no one can think out the box specially when there is some loopholes in it and there is need to bring an end to all the illegal and corruption activities.
    Even the constitution has been amended many a times. What comes over and above any constitution of any country is real justice, humanity, equality, freedom and lot more and to achieve these even if we have to go beyond the line we have to go no matter what the consequences will be as it is much needed for any kind of betterment.
    We talk about our constitution but we don’t know that even the Father of the constitution of India ( Dr. BR Ambedkar ) said that ‘ if my hands are free than I’ll be the first one to burn this book (constitution)’ as this is actually from The Government of India Act of British government. Dr. BR Ambedkar don’t even get the enough time to make the constitution far better than the britishers given constitution for India.
    Democracy can never stand alone without responsibility and accountability.
    Neither complete democracy nor complete hitler rule is good, we have to maintain a balance on avery aspects.
    Regarding Democracy – Only the criminals and corrupt people enjoy the benefits of democracy.

    Rest is your understanding.


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