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    Start up India and digital India are the two greatest hits by the the Modi government.
    But in case of solution by Infosys). So indirectly all the final profit is gained by the Infosys which is a private organisation. The same case is with electricity supplies in metropolitan cities as the government failed to provide
    enough electricity it hired the private firms that are charging their services at very high rates. Also the toll taxes charge by the these private firms. Soon in near future because of the high water crises, supply water services will also be takeover by these private organisation.The ditto policy was used by the Britishers by setting the East India Company in Kolkata.

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    Divya Kathuria

    hello Sir/Ma’am..
    indeed, start up India and digital India are greatest hits by Modi govt. or as I mentioned, Make in India is monosyllabic sollution for all economic problems of India.
    But, with regards to Infosys, is being maintained by Infosys and it has won the ebiz project after a competitive bidding process and is a great example of public private partnership as we know, govt. alone cannot undertake all the projects.


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